Monday, May 25, 2009

Mayor Boniel not closing door to win Jane Cajes

Wake uppers:

• Experience a sizzling hot summer party foam event by the beach on May 29 at the Bohol Beach Club in Panglao. The “2nd Overhaul Party” is featuring the performances of Viva Hot Babes Maui Taylor and Zarah Lopez. Tickets are sold at Php 200 with 1 free drink. Party starts 5pm until midnight.

• It’s four days to go for the Mr and Ms Teen Bohol! The talent competition is on May 25 at the Island City Mall, 2 p.m., while the pageant night is on May 28 at the Bohol Cultural Center, 7p.m. Get your tickets (P50 only) at the SK Office or call 411-5914.

• Could it be true that an OIC resident manager of a famous resort in Panglao is the cause of the company’s loss of millions of pesos because of her ill-mannered behavior and incompetence managing skills? It all started when this OIC “scolded” the resort’s clients, who according to the OIC, were very noisy at the pool during a video shooting though witnesses said that the volume of the speakers were decibels down. OIC said that there were guests who complained during the shooting, however, it was found out that it was not true. Her subordinates were happy when this OIC was scolded by the clients. The resort could earn almost half a million in just two days and more, more this year… but bound to loss in millions in this year and years to come because of this OIC. The resort has received negative ratings at the internet from clients after the incident. Sayang, sayang!

• After his scandal with top actress Hailili, now he is with Maricar Reyes, a famous Pond's facial wash Model and an actress (in the recently concluded Betty La Fea TV series on ABS-CBN). Expect more from this great guy. Unlike the Edison Chen of Hongkong, Hayden prefers to use videos rather than photos. From an anonymous reader on Kho: So sad to hear that model Maricar Reyes fall into a trap with this wacko doctor. Another video scandals are now on demand. Rumors went like wild fire in forest. Videos are now available on public. Wish that Philippine Doctors Association will sanction this dr. (wac) kho. Vicky Belo made statements that her lover is now a changed man. What? Are you that dumb enough? My wild guess is: this wackho is making a hostage situation of Vicky. You know, a video of both of them making their love scene and if Belo refuse to welcome him again, it will be on public like the rest of the ex-poor girlfriend of this retarded doctor. If this indeed is true, be very wise Doc Vicky. Ask your lawyers on how to deal with this predicament. Save yourself.


Still a big question mark is the rumored feelings of Bien Unido Mayor Niño Rey “In-In” Boniel towards Sangguniang Kabataan national president Jane Censoria Cajes.

Mayor Boniel is falling head over heels for Jane, shall we believe? I could not blame if the dashing Mayor Boniel “likes” (decipher the quotation marks to feel the meaning) Jane. The young girl is now a catch —and now a fine (and a beautiful) lady!

Call it destiny. There were many times their roads and bridges did cross. However, the recent encounters were the most unforgettable. First, when Jane was invited to give an inspirational message to SK Bien Unido in Panglao, Mayor Boniel could not take away his eyes on Jane while Jane was giving her speech — and his heart pondered more— when Jane obliged for a photo souvenir with him.

The second “memorable” meeting was last Tuesday when Mayor Boniel went to SK office at the Capitol. Lips were asking if Mayor Boniel was courting Jane. It was learned that he came to follow up the assistance he’s asking from the SK.

Both are singles and have no relationships at present. Jane broke up with her boyfriend couple of months ago, while Mayor Boniel is looking for a relationship (Remember the song “Lonely is the man without love?”)

But he has this fear.

Confronted by Bared, the humble Mayor Boniel just said, “I have this fear of rejection.”

Geographically, Bien Unido and Trinidad are neighbors. And the lone road entrance to Bien Unido to land travel is Trinidad.

With a brave heart (dili bugnaw og simod ha?), Mayor Boniel is not closing door to win Jane’s heart.


My “First pair of eyes that saw me” is dedicated to the woman I owe my life (next to my Mama Inday). Here’s a reprint of the story I wrote last year and I made some “slight” changes.

My mission was to search for this woman many years ago.

A little girl came out from the house and asked me my intention. I introduced and told the kid that I was looking for her granny. The kid said her granny was sleeping that noon time. I told the kid I would come back in the afternoon.

As I left the place, I was wondering how this woman looks like considering the many stories I heard from my Mama Inday and people who know her.

Until, I’ve met her in person.

She is Mrs.Catalina Reyes Calipayan, a retired midwife. Since time immemorial her name rings a bell to many moms in Tagbilaran City and even in many towns of Bohol.

When she told me that she’s 71 years old, I’d to blink, for it doesn’t show, as she can still be mistaken to be in her 60s—still healthy and contended, less wrinkles, In fact, she’s attending to the needs of the kids at her home.

Her sights are still clear and she talks well. She could still remember names and places. But her memories of how many children she helped see the world, she could not remember.

They’re thousands of children of those many years of selfless love and dedication to the calling of profession.

All children thrive on hearing—over and over again—how they came into this world, and I was no exception.

Our conversation led to sharing her experiences. I learned that she was born in Leyte and finished here degree at Cebu School of Midwifery.

But Mrs. Calipayan’s first choice was nursing. She remembered that the midwifery was the most difficult course then. There were rigid examinations before you’re admitted to college.

“There was a physical examination. If the enrollee had a child even if she was single she’s disqualified. There was a height requirement, you must be 5 feet tall and must have a pleasing personality,” she narrated.

The young Catalina had begun her career as a midwife after she finished schooling at the age of 18.

A midwife does more than just deliver babies because she is present at every birth, whether at home or in hospital. She touches everyone’s life.

“I always make sure that the mother and child are healthy and safe,” she said.

She narrated that in one day, she would helped three mothers to give birth.

A midwife is usually the first and main contact for the expectant mother during her pregnancy, and throughout labor and postnatal period. She helps mother to make informed choices about the services and options.

“The role of the midwife is very diverse,” she said. She carries out clinical examinations provides health and parent education and support the mother and her family throughout the childbearing proves to help them adjust to their parental role.

“I’d slept in many houses most especially when the labor of the mother had to take long hours. I’m there to give comfort because it’s painful,” said Mrs. Calipayan.

Safety is also a priority in midwifery and studies show that outcomes are the same as physician-attended births.

“Praise God, in my long years as a midwife all the children is alive. And when I hold the baby and heard her crying I’m so happy and blessed because there’s another miracle from heaven,” she enthusiastically said.

The positive and powerful attitude she has toward birth, specifically breech birth, is a reflection of her own entrance into this world. She always loved to take care of babies and have had the privilege of assisting in hundreds of breech homebirths.
Each time, she’s thankful to God and experience a calmness and assurance that comes from thinking back to her own birth memories.

“It’s a calling,” she happily said. I could sense that she had no regrets of being a midwife in her entire life.

“I pray to the Lord that everything would be fine..” and when the baby would come out, it was a relief, and I prayed, “Thank God, the child has life.”

Mrs. Calipayan is now retired but there are those who come to her house in Remolador street, this city to seek for her assistance. However, she politely told them she’s already retired from service and gave referrals where to go. She’s also busy attending to her five grandchildren from her children Chris Len, Mary Jean and Glinda.

Her hubby Graciano had passed away.

Mrs. Calipayan became president of the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines-Bohol chapter. She’s also an officer and adviser of the Philippine League of Government and Private Midwives in the region.

When I was about to leave her home, I asked her if she could remember Paulina Persigas Udtohan of Booy district.

“She’s very familiar,” she said thinking to remember everything.

And I told her that she’s my mother. And I told her that on May 25, my Mama Inday gave birth to a baby boy and she was the midwife who assisted during the labor.

But when I told her that I was that baby boy, she was surprised and hugged me. I saw in her eyes the joy upon seeing the baby boy had grown up.

“I am so thankful you’ve grown up,” she smiled.

I asked a friend to take a souvenir photo of us together. The woman whose first pair of eyes that lands sight on me.

We can learn a great deal about her life as a midwife, mother and wife. Her role in the society enriches, deepens, and complicates our understanding of everyday life.

I rejoice as I welcome this new chapter with joy. Life still has lots of amazing surprises in store for me.

Today, I pause for a moment to look back at the journey I have taken, and look forward to the wonderful possibilities tomorrow brings.

As I step towards the road that lies ahead, I remember the places I have been part of, people who inspired me to become better and wishes that were granted,, and life’s lessons learned along the way.

As I start another page, why not make this new beginning by taking stock of the blessings that surround me? My family, friends, career, and all those little things I am able to accomplish daily—these are reminders of the unique and beautiful life I have.

I couldn’t say a word how fortunate I am to meet and to thank the woman who helped my Mama Inday on May 25 two decades and eight years ago to see the light of this beautiful world.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 55 years…and still counting!

• Do you know what style you wanted for your last haircut — and for free? There is a “Libre Tupi" project conducted every first and last Sunday of the month in Poblacion III Barangay Hall grounds and is still ongoing. The project which started in April is initiated by the Sangguniang Pambarangay of Poblacion III officials headed by Punong Barangay Ody Chatto Glovasa.

• My visit to the northern part of Bohol has this scoop! A youth leader who works as a nurse was asked by leaders to run as mayor in the northern part of Bohol after the incumbent mayor failed to get the support from his vice mayor and councilors for the next year’s elections. They urged this youth leader to run because they believe that the youth leader is the only person who can crush down the mayor who’s getting richer, richer and fuller!

• Young ones and young once, the search for the Mr and Ms Teen Bohol is on May 28 at the Bohol Cultural Center. Ticket is only P50 (available at the SK Office, 2nd floor of the Capitol Building, Tagbilaran City). You can visit or call 411-5914.

• It’s never nice hearing that someone doesn’t like you, and personally, it
tears me up inside when I’m told I am bad. However, it is so funny when a person claims that s/he is the one in a blind item even if you’re not! And it’s so “degrading” when you “hunt” and “threat” the writer for believing a friend’s lies. For Pete’s sake, don’t react when you are not the one involved and you’re not sure it’s you…and if you’re not a who’s who.

• Could it be true that two good friends (“kasusyo” in business) are now parting ways under unpleasant circumstances? According to a Very Reliable Source (VRS), everything has been done to resolve the “issue” (where’s the money?) but it seems impossible to patch things up.


Our paper, The Bohol Chronicle, turns 55 years old!

The Bohol Chronicle has been a witness in the unfolding of our province’s history. As a chronicler of events and purveyor of information The Bohol Chronicle remains true to its mission of being a pillar of journalism for the benefit of the people.

The province takes pride in the distinction of The Bohol Chronicle as one of the respected newspapers in the country.

Monday morning was a “dilemma” when I was in elementary. Our grade five teacher, Mrs. Jesusa Servas, used The Bohol Chronicle in our class. In fact, we could not get inside the class if we didn’t have a news article copied from the newspaper. There were many times when Mrs. Servas unexpectedly asked us to report the news we’d copied.

Our school had not subscribed to The Bohol Chronicle though there were tons of tons of books and other educational materials from the Books for the Barrios in the USA because it is a Modern of Excellence School (MOE), however, we could not find a copy of the paper. To pass, what we did was to borrow the paper from the late Manny Oronan whose wife Mrs. Evelyn Oronan was a grade three teacher then.

Little did I know that our teacher used The Bohol Chronicle to instill lifelong love of reading.

Times passed, I had press release and news articles were printed in The Bohol Chronicle (I wish to compile them, if I have the luxury of time to dig the old archives, you know, for posterity). I even had the chance to meet the Chronicle founder the late lawyer Jun Dejaresco at his office.

The most unforgettable ( I hope you do remember!) article I’d contributed was the final episodes of the Rosalinda telenovela on June 4, 2000. I didn’t expect that the article would create “chaos” when it became a hot item in the radio gathering favorable and unfavorable comments from dyRD’s Tagbilaran By Nite and Inyong Alagad listeners the following day.

Years later…

The Bohol Chronicle welcomed Bared last year to balance our reader’s daily dose of news write-ups that are light, airy and bubbly.

Happy 55 years…and still counting!


Overhaul foam party with Viva Hot Babes

Experience a sizzling hot summer party foam event by the beach dubbed as “Overhaul” in one of the country’s premier resorts, Bohol Beach Club in Panglao featuring the performances of VIVA HOT BABES on May 29.

The summer party will also be highlighted by the summer fashion show routine of Unleased Models as they formally launched their beach wear collections. To spice up more the event, Cebu Models and Autoshop Babes will also perform under an improvised foam machine gadget that will sprinkle performers while doing their stints on stage.

House music will be provided by DJ Super Mario of Halo Bar, DJ Rich of Autoshop Bar with DJ Vhyke and DJ Peter Barker of Club Deejay’s Inc.

Listen to the tune of reggae mellow music of Brownbuds and the beat of T-City Clique.

This event is presented to us by Bohol Beach Club, Autoshop Dance Bar, Halo Dance Bar, CellMart Mobile Passions and LG Mobile Phones in cooperation with Mojitos Tequila and Nature Spring Water. Major Sponsors include AMBL Printing and Doy’s Seafood and Grill. Media Partners are: Kiss 102.3 FM and The Bohol Chronicle.

Tickets are sold at Php 200 with 1 free drink.

This event is being organized and produced by Regae Entertainment Corp. in cooperation with K&N Productions, both professional events and promotions agency consistently operating in the Visayas region in the field of events organizing and concert productions. The event is being directed by Ms. Kenneth “Mizken” Tirol Andan-Gonzales of Runway Icons.


TBTKish Gathering of our Paring Bol-anon, USA in NYC

here is another web portal --- ---for the Tigum Bol-anon Sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) for update and for a for the upcoming worldwide gathering of Boholanos in July. TBTK president Betty Veloso-Garcia says. “…Although we have already an official site at TBTK.ORG, it is our wish to explore some added venues to keep in touch with all the Boholanos worldwide and to expand our exposure in the WWW as modern technology continues to lend itself to an even more expansive means of communication with the availability of all these options right in front of us: quite a few popular names favored by many and others preferred by particular networking groups: that we can't leave anything anymore to luck, fate or chance of being found, read or googled... but to take a more proactive role in being more visible to and reachable by all whom we wish to have network with... and that is you, my dear friend, my dear Boholano and all the significant people around you.”

It is said that music is the food that feeds our soul. What a fitting delight to know that our TBTK Global Homecoming campaign promotion not just has its own official Theme Song, but its composer is no less a Priest, gifted with such extra-ordinary skill in music and among the Paring Bol-anon holding pastoral assignment abroad who is right now connected to a Louisiana Parish in the United States, in the person of Fr. Roel Lungay. Music was arranged and sang by Romy Ceniza Mascarinas, another talent based in Tagbilaran City.

Better still, such TBTK Theme Song was first aired during Tagbilarans fiesta celebration at Wyckoff, New Jersey where a big congregation of the Boholano community in the East Coast were in attendance last May 9, a Saturday. To everybody’s delight, touching the heart, mind and soul of every Boholano hearing the melody and the lyrics of the song that emits love of our home-province, our people and the invitation to be home this July for the grand celebration..

Such information is no less revealed by our TBTK Chairperson, Betty, who was invited as the Inducting Officer of the Tagbilaranon’s of Eastern USA headed by another Paring Bol-anon, Fr. Fernando Po, as re-elected President.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saudi Arabia Pop Icon finalist is a Boholano

Wake uppers:
•The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa would like to invite you and your family to a Mother’s Day Lunch Buffet on May 10, 2009 from 11am-2pm for only P550 with free flowing iced tea. All mothers will receive a special treat! Contact us at 0385399231 or 09173269000 and make your reservations.

• The next time you tune in on your favorite radio program, you will probably hear the song: Tigum Bol-anon tigum/Dili na gyod maluom/Tigum Bol-anon tigum/Dili na gyod mahilom/Mahal natong probinsya/Nagsige nag pangagda/Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan/Sundon nato ang dalan/Pauli sa Bohol,/Pinangga tang Bohol… yes, that is the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) theme song 2009 penned by Fr. J. Roel Lungay and music by Romeo Ceniza Mascariñas. It is now available on youtube.

•Don‘t forget to watch the Mr and Ms Teen Bohol 2009 on May 28 at the Bohol Cultural Center. Ticket is only P50 and available at the SK office in Capitol. There are 15 males and 15 females from the different parts of the province who will do anything to get the titles as the first Mr and Ms Teen Bohol. The organizers have invited prominent and trusted people to judge the pageant. To those who wish to support and become a sponsor (not yet late!), you can call John Torralba at (+6338) 411-5914

•The month of May is dedicated to our dear mothers. Their love and care is unique and incomparable to any other kind of love in the world. With all the goodness of our mothers, let us always remember to thank them, love them and give them a big hug, especially on Mother’s Day.


My Manila trip last week despite the H1N1 fear allowed me to meet some balikbayans (who have duty free items for pasalubong) at the airport who’re homing to Bohol for the fiesta. Most of them are from the Middle East.

They enthusiastically shared their stories in foreign lands. I’ve had heard about success and painful stories of our OFWs and when they shared about an OFW, who is now a rising “star” in Middle East, that something and a great story.

The “rising” star they are referring to is a Boholano— Julius “Yuan” Galve— son of Aureliano and Julieta Galve of Mansasa District, Tagbilaran City is qualified for the final gala performance night on May 15 after placing 4th place in the second elimination round on April 30.

“He has a good voice and we love his performance,” shared a fan Hanna Sevilla, an OFW in Riyadh.

The Saudi Arabia Pop Icon is a singing competition for the Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia organized by S.E.Productions (SEP), a recognized community service and cultural organization by the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia. After the success of Pop Icon Season 1 in 2005 and the TFC POPSTAR in 2006, SEP brings back the POP ICON Season 2 which is now a kingdom-wide search.

Yuan says, “I am a simple and very friendly person. Some will say that I am a bit snobbish but I am not. If you will get to know me better then you will know that I am not like that.”

Here’re basic facts about Yuan shared by Hanna Sevilla who is based in Saudi Arabia:
Name: Julius Z. Galve

Nickname: Yuan

Age: 27

Province: Bohol , Philippines

Occupation: Operating Room Technician (OR STAFF)

Specialty in Music: RnB and Pop

Civil Status: Single

Music Award, Competition Won: None

Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Surfing the net, Martial arts

For you what is music? : Music is the food to our soul that soothes everything in our life.

Influential Person in Music: Guy Sebastian, Josh Groban, Martin Nievera, Gary V. and Regine Velasquez